People like to go to places where they can get rid of summer just as summer comes. Because of this most people opt for hill stations of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Today we are going to tell you about such offbeat destination where not only can you spend fun holidays but you can learn a lot about this place. We are talking about Karnataka which is the fourth most famous state of India and is a very rich state of geographical and historical perspective. In this state on one hand full spectacles of ancient crafts are seen whereas on the other hand It is also moving forward. Its 320 km long coastline is rich in picturesque beaches. In which many attractive and beautiful beaches are high mountain ranges or surrounded by forest wealth this state is naturally beautiful too. In the state between the West Coast and the Deccan Plateau the forest hills temples Cave beach river bank lake coffee plantations waterfalls ruins and other places. Here is a list of places for traveling in Karnataka.

In the center of India's southern state of Karnataka Haveri is a very beautiful tourist spot which is known for its natural cultural and historical importance. And it is also called the gateway of the northern districts of Karnataka. With a rich culture and tradition it is one of the important places of the state.

This state is also very important in terms of spirituality. There are many such temples here in which people come from distant places to visit.

The happy and tranquil atmosphere of this city is no less than a paradise for the salonians who are looking for a quiet environment away from a junky life. In the heart of Karnataka there is tremendous ambience for the beauty of the silencio to shine like silver and to have fun on the blue waters that appear far away.

The capital of Karnataka Bangalore is also known as the IT hub in the country. Due to the increase in tourism here at present a large number of resorts tourist places have become such that tourists are welcome to come here. The official language here is Kannada. As we know due to being an IT hub people living in large numbers from many areas here either speak either English or else Marathi Malayalam Tamil Telugu etc. are also spoken. But other regional languages ​​such as Tulu Kodawa and Konkan etc. are also spoken here.