Shaktipeeth Mandir: Must Visit Shakti Peethas and Know Everything about it!!!

The Puranas have special significance in Hinduism. In these Puranas, it is also described as the power benches of the mother. Now, the beginning of the Navshatras and the jaykare is not the power of the mother, how it can happen. As for the Puranas, where the pieces, textiles and ornaments of the goddess Sati fell, they became the power of the mother. These shaktichairs are spread all over the Indian subcontinent. Goddess Bhagwat mentions 108 and 72 shaktichairs in the Goddess Gita. In the Goddess Purana, 51 Shakti benches have been mentioned. Let us know where these power benches....

51 Peeths of Shakti

  1. Kirit Shaktipeeth
  2. Kadayani Shaktipeeth
  3. Karvir Shaktipeeth
  4. Sri Parbat Shaktipeeth
  5. Visalakshi Shaktipeeth
  6. Godavari Bank Shaktipeeth
  7. Shuindram Shaktipeeth
  8. Panch Sagar Shaktipeeth
  9. Volcanic Power Bench
  10. Bhairav Mountain Shaktipeeth
  11. Attahas Shaktipeeth
  12. Janasthan Shaktipeeth
  13. Kashmir Shaktipeeth or Amarnath Shaktipeeth
  14. Nandipur Shaktipeeth
  15. Shri Shell Shaktipeeth
  16. Nalhti Shaktipeeth
  17. Mithila Shaktipeeth
  18. Ratnawali Shaktipeeth
  19. Ambaji Shaktipeeth
  20. Jalandhar Shaktipeeth
  21. Ramagari Shaktipeeth
  22. Vaidynath Shaktipeeth
  23. Asavar Shaktipeeth
  24. Kanyakashram Kanyakumari Shaktipeeth
  25. Bahula Shaktipeeth
  26. Ujyini Shaktipeeth
  27. Manivedika Shaktipeeth
  28. Prayag Shaktipeeth
  29. Virjakshetra, Utkal Shaktipeeth
  30. Kanchi Shaktipeeth
  31. Kalmadhav Shaktipeeth
  32. Shoan Shaktipeeth
  33. Kamakhya Shaktipeeth
  34. Jayanti Shaktipeeth
  35. Magadh Shaktipeeth
  36. Tristita Shaktipeeth
  37. Tripuri Sundari Shaktitripuri Peeth
  38. Vijesh Shaktipeeth
  39. Devi Well Back Kurukshetra Shaktipeeth
  40. Yugadya Shaktipeeth, Xergram Shaktipeeth
  41. Viraats Ambika Shaktipeeth
  42. Kalighat Shaktipeeth
  43. Manas Shaktipeeth
  44. Lanka Shaktipeeth
  45. Gandki Shaktipeeth
  46. Guhyeshwari Shaktipeeth
  47. Hinglodge Shaktipeeth
  48. Aroma Shaktipeeth
  49. Kartoyaghat Shaktipeeth
  50. Chattal Shaktipeeth
  51. Yashor Shaktipeeth

Hinglodge Shakti Bench

125 km north-east of Karachi is located in the Hinglodge Shakti Bench. As the Puranas, the mothers head fell here. It has a power-kotri (Bhairawi Kottvisha).

Sharkare (Karvir)

In Pakistan, the Skarre Shaktipet is located near Sukkar station in Karachi. The mothers eye fell here.


There is a river in Shikarpur, Bangladesh, about 20 kms away from Barisal. The same river is located near the mother Patdha Shakti Bench. They say that the mothers nose fell here.


The mothers throat was dropped near Pahalgaon in Kashmir, India. That is where the Mahamya Shakti Bench was formed.

volcanic siddhi

In India, the mothers tongue fell in Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. This is called the Jwalaji place.


There is a devi pond near cantonment station at Jalandhar in Punjab. The mothers left thorax was dropped here.

Vaidynath - Jaydurga

In Deghar, Jharkhand, Vaidynathdham Dham. The mothers heart was dropped here.

Nepal - Mahamaya

The Gujreshwari temple is located near pashupatinath temple in Nepal. Both the mothers knees fell here.

Psyche - Dathyani

In Tibet, the mothers right hand was dropped on a stone stone near Mansa of Kailash Mansarovar.


The mothers navel fell at the place at Utkal in Viraj in Orissa, India.


There is muktinath temple located at Pokhara on the banks of river Gandthe in Nepal. There was a mothers head or gandthal.

Polyca Polyla

The mothers left hand was dropped at the Bahul place on the invincible river bank near Katua Ketugram, 8 kms away from Crescent district in West Bengal, India.

Ujyini- Manlya Chandica

In India, the mothers right wrist fell from 16 km guskur station in the Crescent district of West Bengal to a place called Ujyini.

Tripura-Tripur Sundari

The mothers right leg was dropped at the Matabhi Mountain peak in Radhakishorpur village near Udarpur in the Indian state of Tripura.

Chantal - Bhawani

In Bangladesh, the mothers right arm fell at Chhatraal (Chattal or Chahal) at Chandranath Mountain Peak near Sitakkund station in Chittagong (Chittagong) district.

Trisrita - Bhramari

The mothers left leg was dropped at the Trisource place in Salbhi village of Boda mandal of Jalpaiguri in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Kamagiri - Kamakhya

The mothers vagina was dropped at Kamakhya place in Nilachal Mountain located in Kamgiri area of Guwahati district of The Indian state of Assam.

Prayag - Lalita

The mothers hand finger fell on the confluence coast of Allahabad City (Prayag) in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Yugadya- Past

The mothers right toe was dropped at Jugdya (Yugdya) place at Khigram in Crescent district of West Bengal.

Jayanti Jayanti

The Bhobhog village of Jayantiya Parganas in Silhat district of Bangladesh is the Jayanti temple on the Khasi Mountain of Kala-Jor. The mothers left thigh fell here.

Kalipith - Bud

The mothers left toe thumb was dropped at Kalighat in Kolkata.

Kirit - Vimla (Bhuvneshi)

In West Bengal, the mothers crown was dropped near kiritconte village of Lalbagh Court Road station in Murshidabad district.

Varanasi - Visalakshi

In Uttar Pradesh, the gem-studded coils of the mothers ear fell at Manikarnik Ghat in Kashi.

KanyaaShram - Sarvani

The mothers page part was dropped in Kumashram.

Kurukshetra - Savitri

The mothers heel fell in Kuruntra in Haryana.

Manidevik - Gayatri

Two manibandhas fell on the Gayatri Mountain of Manibandha in Pushtax near Ajmer.

Srisailam - Mahalakshmi

The mothers throat (cervical) was dropped at a place called Shell near Janpur village in the north-east of Silhat district of Bangladesh.


The mothers bone fell at Kanchi on the Kopai River bank in the north east of Bolarpur station in Birbhum district of West Bengal.

29 . Kalmadhav - Devi Kali

In Madhya Pradesh, the mothers left buttock was dropped near the Shon River bank at Kalmadhav in Amarkantak, where there is a cave.

30 . Shoandesh - Narmada (Shonakshi)

In Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh, the mothers right buttock was dropped at the place of Narmada.

31 . Ramgiri - Shivani

In Uttar Pradesh, jhansi-Manikpur railway station had fallen to the mothers right thorax at Ramgiri place near Chitrakoot.

32 . Vrindavan - Uma

In Uttar Pradesh, mothers cluster and Chudamani fell at bhuteshwar place in Vrindavan near Mathura.

33 . Shuchi-Narayani

There is the Shuchitirtham Shiva temple on kanyakumari-Thiruvananthapuram route of Tamil Nadu. The upper teeth of the mother fell here.

34 . Panchsagar - Warahi

The mothers lower tooth fell in the Panchsagar (an unknown place).

35 . Kartoyat - Aparna

The mothers anklets fell at the Kartoya coast place across Bhawanipur village, 28 kms away from Sherpur Bagura station in Bangladesh.

36 . Srimountain - Srisundari

On the mountain of Ladakh region of Kashmir, the mothers right leg anklets fell. According to the second recognition, the heel of the right foot was at Srisailam place in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

37 . Division - Kapalini

The mothers left heel fell at the Viesh place in Tamluk near East Medinipur district of West Bengal.

38 . Prabhas - Chandran

The mothers abdomen was dropped in a 4 km prabis area from Veraval station near Somnath Temple in Junagadh district of Gujarat.


39. Bhairav ​​Parvat - Avanti


Mother's lips had fallen on Bhairav ​​Parvat near the banks of river Shipra in Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh.


40. Jansthan - Bhramari


Mother's chin had fallen at the Janasthan situated in the Godavari river valley located in Nashik city of Maharashtra.


41. universal place


Mother's left Gand (cheek) fell at Sarvasail place near Kotilingeshwara temple on the banks of Godavari river in Rajahmundry region of Andhra Pradesh.


42. Godavariteer


Mother's Dakshin Gand had fallen at this place.


43. Ratnavali - virgin


Mother's right wing had fallen on the banks of Ratnakar river located in Ratnavali on Khanakul-Krishnanagar road of Hooghly district of Bengal.


44. Mithila - Uma (Mahadevi)


Mother's left wing had fallen in Mithila near Janakpur railway station on the Indo-Nepal border.


45. Nalhati - Kalika Tarapith


Mother's leg bone had fallen in Nalhati near Nalhati station of Birbhum district of West Bengal.


46. Karnataka - Jayadurga


Here in Karnat (unknown place) both the ears of the mother had fallen.


47. Vakreshwar - Mahismardini


Mother's brow had fallen on the banks of Pahar river at Vakreshwar, seven km from Dubrajpur station in Birbhum district of West Bengal.


48. Yashor - Yashoreshwari


Mother's hands and feet had fallen at Yashor place of Ishwaripur in Khulna district of Bangladesh.


49. Attahas - Phulra


Mother's lips had fallen at Athas place, two km from Labhpur station in West Bungalow.


50. Nandipur - Nandini

Mother's necklace had fallen near a banyan tree in the boundary wall of Sainthia railway station Nandipur in Birbhum district of West Bengal.

51. Lanka - Indrakshi

It is believed that the mother's anklet may have fallen in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.

Not only this, apart from this, Magadha Shaktipeeth is also considered somewhere in the Patna-Gaya area.

Wherever the parts of Mother Sati's body, the clothes and jewelery worn by her fell, that place became famous as Shaktipeeth. They are called the most sacred shrines. These pilgrimages are spread all over the Indian sub-continent. These Shaktipeeths have great importance from the religious point of view. The importance of these Shaktipeeths increases in Navratri. The Devi Purana describes the 51 pilgrim spots. Brief description of 17 of these Shaktipeeths are given below: 1. Kirit Shaktipeeth: Kirit Shaktipeeth is located on the banks of Hooghly river in West Bengal at Lalbagh Kot, where the kirit or crown of Mother Sati fell. 2. Kashi Vishalakshi Shaktipeeth: Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths in the ancient city of Kashi (Varanasi) in Uttar Pradesh. According to Hindu belief, the right ear of Goddess Sati fell here. 3. Bahula Shaktipeeth: The left arm of the Mother Goddess had fallen in the Bahula Shaktipeeth located in Bardhaman near Katwa Junction in West Bengal. 4. Hinglaj Shaktipeeth: This Shaktipeeth is located in the Balochistan province of the neighboring country of Pakistan. It is said that the Brahmarandhrach of Mother Sati had fallen here. Apart from Goddess Sati, there is also a statue of Lord Shiva here. 5. Karveer Shaktipeeth: At this place the three eyes of Mother Sati had fallen. This place is located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. 6. Jwalamukhi Shaktipeeth: Jwalamukhi Temple is located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. According to the legend, the tongue of the Mother Goddess had fallen here. Here the flame in the temple is blazing all the time in the form of fire. 7. Yugadya Shaktipeeth: This Shaktipeeth is located in Kshirgram under Mahakumar-Mangalkot police station in the south-west of Bengal. We also know this Shaktipeeth by the name of Kshirgram. According to the legend, the thumb of the right foot of Mother Sati fell here. 8. Sugandha Shaktipeeth: Situated on the banks of the river Chsungdhach in Shikarpur village in Barisal, Bangladesh, the temple of Chaugratara Devi is considered to be the Shaktipeeth. Sati's Chanasikach had fallen at this place. 9. Yashoreshwari Shaktipeeth: There is a Yashoreshwari Shaktipeeth in the town of Jessore in Khulna district in Bangladesh. It is said that the death of Sati took place here. 10. Chattal Shaktipeeth: There is a temple of Bhavani on Chandrashekhar mountain near Sitakund station, which is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths, just a short distance from Chittagong in Bangladesh. 11. Kartoyaghat Shaktipeeth: Here Mata Sati's chawm talpach had fallen. This Shaktipeeth is situated on the banks of Kartoya river in Begada of Bhawanipur village in Bangladesh. 12. Guhyeshwari Shaktipeeth: This Shaktipeeth is on the other side of the Bagmati river, a little away from the Chapshupatinath temple in Nepal. It is known as Chaguhyeshwari Shaktipeeth. The Shakti here is Chamamayach and Shiva is Chakpalach. 13. Gandaki Shaktipeeth: The Dakshina Gandach of Sati had fallen in the Gandaki Shaktipeeth at the origin of the Gandaki River in Nepal. 14. Manas Shaktipeeth: It is believed that the right palm of Mother Sati fell here. This Shaktipeeth is situated on the banks of Mansarovar in Tibet. 15. Kalighat Kali Shaktipeeth: The famous temple of Kali Mata in Kalighat of West Bengal, Calcutta is known as Shaktipeeth. Here the remaining fingers of Mother Sati had fallen. 16. Virat Shaktipeeth: This Shaktipeeth is located in the Mahabharata period Virat Nagar, north of the pink city of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. It is believed that the toes of Mata Sati's right feet fell in Vairat village here. 17. Katyayani Peeth: This Shaktipeeth is situated between Mathura-Vrindavan at a place called Bhuteshwar. It is said that the hair of Mother Sati fell here.