Famous Dishes of India

Every country and every state has a food poison and due to this they are also known and as we know people of every country prefer to eat well and drink but in this case we are ahead of Hindustani. Due to the many cultures extending from east to west and from north to south we find different types of delicacies that have become the identity of our cities.

Today we have brought some special food information to you. If you are a food lover then here you must go and you should tasted special dish that is available there. If you are too fond of eating this information then this information will prove to be useful for you whom you will know about the main banquet of the main states of India then you know the ies and take a few tasty banquets ...

Parathas of Delhi

In the capital Delhi food items are available in every area but there is no answer from North Indian Dishes here. The famous Paranthas of Paraththa street Butter chicken of Kareem of old Delhi or Chandna Chowk carrot halva and Jalebi you will not find any taste and lust like Delhi.

Amritsari Naan- Amritsar

Who will not be tasted by the taste of Amrutriya Naan you will find hundreds of dhabas on every highway and have enjoyed the dabbas fun but if you have to enjoy the real Amrutri naan then you will have to go to Amritsar. Here you will see real Dhaba culture as well as the taste of Parla-Kulta Laddus Lassi and Butter in the Moong Dal besides the taste of parathas there will be such a test of other Punjabi mines which you will never forget.

Makki's Roti and Mustard Greens - Punjab

Punjab the northern state of India is particularly popular for its notable local food which has been enjoyed throughout the country. Makke's bread and mustard greens one should try for everyone. This dish is extremely popular. A combination of a mind made with a Punjabi flat bread corn flour and compliment juice which is made of mustard leaves and well-balanced spices. Blow up Chola-bhatura Rajma-Rice Amrutari machhli (fish) and world famous lassi are also popular dishes from the roots of this region.

Street Food - Mumbai

Mumbai the city of stars where everyone can hear the stories of their struggles is filled with shining streets and Mumbai city of Andheri settlements. The city of Mumbai does not know how many different names but Mumbai is also famous for its delicious Street Foods. Here are Vada Pav Sev Pura Bhel Puri Sandwich Dabelli Keema Baw and Phaluda are famous. Here you will find seafood easily.

Vada Pav - Maharashtra

The unique thing about Maharashtrian food is its kindness and Zestyness. On the cross you can find a variety of restaurants that are usually amazingly terrible restaurants serving the local food. The most popular and cherished Vada Pav a potato sliced ​​is stuffed between soft roti buns served with gourd sauce and hot green chillies. The other very famous dishes from this region are Pav-Bhaji Thalipeeth Sreekhand Puran Poli and Modak

Litti Chokha - Bihar

Although people are not much educated about the special recipes of Bihar despite their rich taste and their unique ways of preparing more than they need. Bihar's most popular humility which is famous all over the world is Litti and Sharpah. Roasted wheat balls with a special stuffing served with Chokha who is mixed with mashed potatoes eggplant smoking and tomato salt and mustard oil that adds a distinctive flavor.

Kabab - Lucknow

The city of Nawab and Kabab is not called Lucknow just like that. Here is the majestic language and the lazy Kabab is famous. You can enjoy Avadi and Mughlai dishes in Lucknow. Biryani filled with color and glitter will bring water in the mouth of any non-vegetarian.

Yomi Momos - Shillong

India's North East terrain is famous for its natural beauty apart from this Momoos and Chaumin are also famous. Momos is now getting in every city and nowadays the most popular food items are. But you will find real fun here.

Hyderabadi Biryani

The identity of Biryani Hyderabad has been established. Biryani's side is found not only in India but also in many countries of the world. The culinary style of the mines here matches Arabic Turkish and Mughalai mines. In addition to the Biryani of Hyderabad here is the sweet tasting sweetness of Khobani and foundations are also famous. Seeing the dish made in spicy spices there will be water in your mouth.

Goa's Tasty Sea Food

Goa is India's smallest state but its fame is bigger in terms of food. There are plenty of C-Foods available on the beaches here which you must definitely check once. The Prawn Curries and King Crab Fries are famous here. Apart from this the coconut water and coconut milk will definitely be tray here.

Prwan - Goa

Another trip to western India will take you to Goa - the land of colonization and tranquil beaches that reminds you of the colonial period. Take the time to enjoy food taste local dishes like Pork Vidalu Chicken Zakati Pran Balchowo Sorpotel Fajuda and Bebinca and all these dishes are presented with cold fenny.

Gujarati plate of Ahmedabad

You will get the taste of all the famous Gujarati dishes together in the Vegetarian plate of Ahmedabad. Dhokla Khakhra Khandavi Dahi-Jalebi Poha and Thepala are famous all over India. In the mines light sweeteners will make you crazy.

Dhokla - Gujarat

Gujarati is popular for its traditional food and loves a lot for its distinctive flavor which makes it interesting and well balanced. Dhokla is a famous breakfast or snack item in Gujarat; It's very healthy at the same time delicious. Apart from this widely known by the famous Dhokla the other dishes that are equally popular are thepla dhansak khandvi and Gujarati Kadhi.

Dal Bati Churma - Rajasthan

This state is famous not only for its vast desert beautiful palaces and exciting history but also famous for delicious dishes. The area offers a great variety of recipes when it comes to food. One of the most popular and delicious dishes Dal-Bati balls made from hard wheat flour are dipped in ghee and a very special lentils that are made with a combination of different pulses.

Doi machh - West Bengal

People who have a sweet tooth or love for Bengal Bengal is the right place. This combination is definitely weird. There is a famous Bengali sweet and Bengali restaurant in India that can serve traditional dishes in almost every city. One of the most popular dishes of Bengal Doi machh which is served with boiled rice a traditional Bengali fish curry. Other popular dishes of Bengal include Daab jhingri Message Rasgulla and Mishti Doi.

Kolkata Fish Dish

Kolkata has always been known for its classical music and rich Bengali literature. But if you taste tasty dishes here you will not be able to forget it. Calcutta is in heaven for the Fish Lover. There will be so much variety of fish and so many tastes that are difficult in some other city. Apart from this Mithi Doi Roshogulla Kochari-Tararki-Jalebi Telle Bhaza and Dum Dumi Puchka are well-known here.

Kerala's South Indian Food

Due to its taste South Indian Foods are very popular in Central India. You will find South Indian restaurants in place. But if you want real taste then you will have to go to Kerala. Here coconut dishes will win your heart. Idli Dosa Sambhar Uttampam Rasam etc. are famous dishes here. Apart from this Kerala is also known for its coffee.

Biryani - Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has given the world its one of the most valuable dishes: Biryani Andhra Pradesh Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani should try one for all. Here the layers of Biryani rice are cooked which is cooked with slow selection of meat and vegetables. Other hugely popular choices are Mirchi Salan korikoora and ghongura pickle.

Dosa - Tamilnadu

The list of popular Indian dishes can not be complete without mentioning the famous dosa and idli. It is a popular dish from the south and is eaten all over the world. There is a huge variety of dosa available in this area but the most popular is the Masala Dosa that gathers all the fame. The fermented rice was made with batter made of crepe lightly filled with spiced potatoes and served with sambhar and chutney. You can also try the famous Idli Rasam Appam Chettinad Chicken and Pongal.

Gawar - Jaipur

Is not India's journey complete without royal homage? Rajasthan is a place which is known for the food of medieval Indian kings. In Jaipur first you should enjoy the taste of Dal Bati Churma - which is a recipe of three dishes. Do not forget to take gourmet vegetable ker Sangri mirchi wadas red meat and mawa kachouri with a combination of rabri and gavar.