Cool foods to chill out this summer


As we reel under the summer heat, most of us choose to stay indoors to stay cool. Fortunately, that in itself is not the only thing that one can do to sail through the summer comfortably. You can beat the heat by consuming foods that act as natural coolants to beat the summer’s heat.

For the regretful fact that mangoes are available only in summers, we know how to make the best use of them in summer: make aam panna out of raw mangoes. The tangy drink with a mix of other fruits topped with ice cubes makes for a delicious summer drink.

Curd is a natural coolant. For those who do not like consuming plain curd, buttermilk with spices and lots of ice is the way to go. Make curd a part of your meals.

Dense with water, watermelon is a delicious summer fruit that is filling, has fewer calories and hydrates the body. To beat the summer heat, you should consume lots of these. Watermelons are dense with antioxidants.

Fresh lime water:

While there are innumerable versions of the best summer drink, fresh lime water, one of the easiest to make is one with salt, pepper and a little sugar. Fresh lime flushes out intoxicants from the body and keep you cool.

Although, onions are tears-inducing, they are an excellent natural coolant. To stay cool in summer, ensure that you add one raw onion to your meal. If you eat one raw onion three times a day, it can protect you from heat stroke. Keep few mints handy for later usage.

Rose jam:
Rose jam is made from rose petal extracts and has amazing cooling properties. If it is hard to come by rose jam, try grabbing a few bottles of rose sherbet.

As is popular, cucumber is summer’s favourite food. Packed with water, it has lots of fibre that is exceptionally cooling and should therefore, be added to meals.

Mint is a cooling herb, which is popularly used in making ointments for burns and other health and beauty products. Add mint to your food while cooking, into a glass of lime water or make chutney for a subtle flavour this summer.

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