Most Amazing Trees In The World

There are wondrous mysterious and bizarre trees plants and creepers all over the world. We would like to tell you about the trees which you will be surprised to know. This tree is neither strange nor secretive. Yes these trees are strange. These worlds are famous because of their strangeness. We will mention the mysterious trees again some day.

There are many beautiful and magnificent trees all over the world. Some have got celebrity status because of their unique nature while others have got long and fascinating lives intermingling with notable figures throughout history and inspiring people for ages.
Here we have listed some of the famous trees that one should know and see them once in their lifetime.

Bottle Tree

This tree is made in Namibia and it comes in counting the most deadly trees on earth. Milk juice from this tree is very poisonous. In the old time the hunter used to take this tree in the work of hunt. The hunters used to target their poisonous milky juice on their arrows and target the hunter.

Wawona Tree

Located in the Mariposa grove of the Yosemite National Park in the United States this tree is quite gigantic and in 1881 it was cut from the middle of the trunk and cut through it. That is why this tree remains a special attraction for tourists.

Teapot Baobab

This 1000 year old tree is similar to Madagascar. The height of these trees is about 80 meters whereas their stems are thicker than 25 meters thick. In the event of drought their stems work to collect water for themselves. When there are flowers on these trees during the season of saawan they stay only for 24 hours and then break down.

Silk Cotton Trees of Ta Prohm

The largest specialty of the Ta Prohm Temple in Southeast Asia is that tree. The root of this tree has gripped this temple from all sides. The height of this tree is very high and this tree remains tourist attraction for tourists. This temple is a UNESCO world heritage.


This is the tallest tree in the world such trees remain alive from 1200 to 1800. The length of this hyperion tree is about 115.5 meters while it is about 9 meters wide. This tree is taller than New York's Statue of Liberty.

Pejibaye Palm

Originally found in Central and South America this tree is quite unique. Spikes on this tree's trunk are made and its leaves are about 3 meters long. The fermented fruit on this tree is quite popular.

Burmis Tree

The story of this tree is also quite unique and mysterious. This tree is located in Canada but surprisingly this tree had died in the 1770s but even today the tree stands like no damage at all. Although once this tree fell in 1998 due to strong winds local people again raised this tree.

The tree of life

This tree is also very unique and mysterious in itself and this is because the tree is grown in the middle of a desert which is nearly 400 years old and its height is 9.75 meters . Surprisingly despite this being in the desert this tree does not dry up. There is no other tree around it it surprises everyone how this tree is flourishing despite being in the desert. Although it is said that the roots of this tree are very deep and that is why it absorbs the water from the bottom of the ground and nourishes it. Local people believe that the Garden of Paradise used to be at this place and this tree is also UNESCO World Heritage.

Sunland baobab

Location in Limpopo State of South Africa This tree is the tallest and big baobab tree with a length of 20 meters and the circumference of about 47 meters. This tree is one of the oldest trees in the world and it is believed that it is about 6000 years old tree. The specialty of this tree is that this tree is naturally hollow from inside inside which people can roam comfortably and sit. Due to this special feature a "bar" was opened in 1993 where arrangements for the seats of 15 to 20 people were opened

Socotra Dragon Tree Socotra Yemen

Also known as Dragon Blood tree this beautiful strange species is endemic to the Socotra archipelago – a group of 4 islands in the Indian Ocean belonging to Yemen. The fruits of the tree are small fleshy berries which exude a deep red resin known as dragon’s blood.

Cherry Blossom Tokyo Japan 

The spring cherry blossom of the Japanese Cherry is world famous for its breathtaking beauty. While the cherry blossom can be found in many places in the world in Japan it’s truly part of the culture and will often be found in festivals and other displays.

Crooked Forest Poland 

These 400 trees that have grown near Gryphino in West Poland are quite mysterious. These trees are of big odd shape and no one has understood how these trees have such a shape. Someone says that humans have shaped these trees so that they can be used to make furniture plow and boat. I mentioned the Crooked Forest in the  beautiful forests list but with only 400 trees in the forest I think it could be mentioned in this list too. Crooked Forest is a grove of oddly-shaped pine trees. This young forest was planted around 1930 and has about 400 pines

Wisteria (144 year old):

Wisteria is a plant that grows all over Japan and it has has been captivating Japanese people for a long time. It is 144 years old. This tree has brilliant shades of purple and pink leaves.

Ginkgo Tree (1400 years old):

In China a 1400-year-old ginkgo tree has been displaying autumn as it continues to shed golden yellow leaves turning the ground of the temple into a golden yellow sea.

Angel Oak (1400-1500 years old)

The Angel Oak in South Carolina stands 66.5 ft (20 m) tall and is estimated to be over 1400 or 1500 years old.

The Dark Hedges:

It was planted in 18th century in Northern Ireland. The site has been used for scenes from "Game of Thrones". It has been included in a list of the 12 best road trips in the UK and Ireland.

Rainbow Eucalyptus:

Rainbow Eucalyptus which grows throughout the South Pacific is useful and beautiful. It is prized for both the colorful patches left by its shedding bark and for its pulpwood which is used to make paper.

Boab Prison Tree:

The Boab Prison Tree is a large hollow tree just South of Derby in Western Australia. It is reputed to have been used in the 1890s as a lockup for indigenous Australian prisoners on their way to Derby for sentencing. In recent years a fence was erected around the tree to protect it from vandalism.

Jacarandas Tree:

The beautiful Jacarandas with its violet flowers grows in South Africa. It is known for its beautiful and blue flowers.

Maple Tree Tunnel:

This beautiful Maple tree tunnel is located at Oregon USA. It is a beautiful tunnel where you can walk around.

Wind swept trees:

Wind Swept trees are located in New Zealand. These trees at Slope Point the Southern tip of New Zealand grow at an angle because they're constantly buffeted by extreme Antarctic winds.

Flamboyant Tree:

Flamboyant Tree is endemic to Madagascar but it grows in tropical areas around the world. It is a beautiful tree with orange- red leaves growing all over to give it a beautiful look.