Before going to Jim Corbett Park, know everything about Jim Corbett Park

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Jim Corbett National Park can be called a tiger's paradise, Interesting Fact About Jim Corbett National Park: Because of its breathtaking landscape, there is a large population of tigers which also has a variety of flora and fauna. Named after the famed tiger hunter-turned-natureman Jim Corbett (1875–1955), the proud destination 'Jim Corbett National Park' is India's first national park established in 1936 in the hill state of Uttarakhand in northern India. This park is one of the most famous wildlife spots in India which is visited by many wildlife lovers who want to witness the spectacular sighting of Indian tigers.

It’s spread across 520 sq. km and considered as one of the largest parks in India.

The distance between Delhi to Corbett National Park

  • By Road:  237 km
  • By Airline: 182 km.

Interesting Fact About Jim Corbett National Park

Known ForFirst and oldest national park in India
AimConserving tigers and endangered wildlife
PlaceSpread over Nainital and Pauri District, Ramnagar Town, Uttarakhand, India
Total Area1,318.54 sq km
Core Area520.82 sq km
Buffer Area797.72 sq km
Height385 m to 1,100 m
Longitude7805′ E to 7905′ E
Latitude29025'E to 29040'N
Annual Rainfall1400 mm to 2800
Temperature Range4 °C in winter to 42 °C during summer
ClimateTemperate, year round
Best Time to Visit15 November to 15 June

What's special about Jim Corbett?

Every year tourists from all over the country come to Jim Corbett National Park and enjoy jungle safari here. This national park located in Ramnagar is included in the big national parks of the country. Tourists can see a variety of wild animals here and can get acquainted with the beauty of the forest. Tourists can see leopard, tiger and deer from close range in this national park and can be thrilled. This national park is spread over an area of ​​1318 square kilometer. Here tourists can see many types of birds, plant and animal species very closely. Apart from this, one can also do elephant ride and trekking.

Things to do in the Corbett National Park

  1. Jungle Safari
  2. Elephant Ride
  3. Corbett Waterfall
  4. River Rafting
  5. Bird Watching
  6. Garjia Temple
  7. Trekking
  8. Fishing
  9. Mountain Biking

History of Jim Corbett

  • Being the oldest national park in India, Corbett National Park reflects a vast and beautiful history.
  • Edward James Crabit was born on 25 July 1875 in Nainital district of Uttarakhand.
  • When Jim Corbett was four years old, his father died, so he grew up spending most of his childhood exploring the surrounding forest.
  • Jim Corbett National Park was established by Corbett as Hailey National Park
  • After independence the park was renamed as Ramganga National Park and again in 1956 as Corbett National Park. In the year 1957, the name of this park was changed to Jim Corbett.
  • The magnificent Jim Corbett National Park is famous for being home to a large number of tigers, the most of any Indian national park.
  • You can see many mammals roaming in the park including leopards, tigers, sloth bears, elephants and jackals.

Hotels nearest of the Corbett National Park :

  1. Resort De Coracao- The Corbett
  2. Acorn Hideaway Resort & Spa
  3. Clarissa Resort
  4. Signature Corbett
  5. Corbett Call Resort
  6. Corbett Tusker  Trail
  7. Ranger Reserve REsort
  8. The Roar Resort

Location: Nainital District of Uttarakhand state in India.

Best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park

If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett National Park, then let us tell you that you can visit this park throughout the year but the best time to visit it is between November and February. You will be able to see more animals here as all the areas are open during the winter season.

Jim Corbett National Park is well connected by air, rail and road. Jim Corbett National Park is easily accessible by road, as Corbett National Park Ramnagar connects you to major cities of the country by buses. If you want to reach by train the two nearest railway station is Ramnagar railway station which is about 5 km from Corbett National Park. On the other hand, if you want to come by air, then the nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport, which is about 80 km from Corbett National Park. If you are an adventure freak, bird watcher and animal lover then Jim Corbett National Park is the ideal place for you.

How to reach Jim Corbett National Park

By Air: Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport which is located at a distance of about 80 kms from Jim Corbett. Taxis are readily available from Patnagar Airport to Jim Corbett National Park.

By Rail: Ramnagar railway station is well connected to cities like Delhi, Moradabad and Bareilly in India. Direct trains to Ramnagar run from Delhi.

By Road: Jim Corbett National Park being a major tourist destination of northern India, it is well connected by roads. Taxis are easily available from major cities of Uttarakhand to Corbett National Park. Also many private bus services are available from Delhi to Ramnagar.

Tourist place Near Jim Corbett National Park

Tourists can visit Jim Corbett National Park anytime. Jim Corbett National Park is divided into 5 different regions and each region has a different topography with different excursion duration.


With the best of natural beauty, the Jhirna is probably the best and most comfortable for the tourist to visit. This is the only area in Jim Corbett National Park that is open throughout the year. Apart from this, this place is famous for wildlife lovers for the spectacular view of Jhirna wild bear.


Dhikla, party and situated on the banks of both the Dhikala area is the best place to have a spectacular view of the famous Bengal Tiger, Cheetah and Elephants. The best time to visit this region is from 15th November to 15th June.


The Bijrani region is rich in wide topography. The best time to visit this region is from 1st October to 30th June. Compared to other areas of Jim Corbett National Park, the Bijrani area is more prone to tiger sightings. Forest rest houses are easily found in this area.


The area is open to tourists throughout the year, although the best time to visit Pak is from November to April. Sonandi Sanctuary is located near Jim Corbett National Park. Tourists in the Sonandi region can expect to see Asian elephants, tigers and many other species in their natural habitat.

Durga Devi Place

Durga Devi Kshetra is one of the most difficult trek for the tourist to travel. Durga Devi Kshetra remains open from 15th November to 15th June. Its mountainous topography and deep dark wood are famous for many species of birds. Along with this, Mahaseer fish can also be seen in Durga Devi area which is very popular in the world.

Adventure and Activities ( Jim Corbett National Park adventure aur activities )

Filled with breathtaking mountains and thrilling wilderness, Jim Corbett National Park is a paradise for adventure and wildlife lovers. For adventurers, enjoying thrilling activities in Jim Corbett National Park has always been a great and fascinating experience. Apart from wildlife safaris, tourists can indulge in many more adventurous activities like fishing, river rafting, mountain climbing, rappelling, trekking, jungle driver etc.

Other places of interest in Jim Corbett National Park

Garjiya Devi Temple

This revered temple is situated on the banks of Kosi River in the midst of Jim Corbett National Park. The temple is sacred to the goddess Garjiya and is mostly visited by devotees during Kartik Purnima (November-December).

Sita Bani Wildlife Sanctuary

The place attracts millions of bird watchers every year. Sita Devi ji had rested in this forest during the exile, hence this forest has been named as Sitabani Forest Sanctuary. Along with this there is also an ancient temple dedicated to sage Valmiki within this sanctuary.

Sitabani Temple

This temple is situated 20 km away from Ramnagar. This temple is visited by the devotees on the day of Ramnavami.

Corbett Museum ( Jim Corbett National Park Corbet museum )

The museum where it is currently built was once the home of Jim Corbett, who was a hunter in his early life. If you want to visit this museum then you can come to this area.

Dhangari Museum ( Jim Corbett National Park dhanagari museum )

This museum is located at the entrance of Jim Corbett National Park. This museum is very special to see the history of the wildlife sanctuary. Here tourists can see carcasses of animals like tiger, leopard, deer, crocodile etc. killed naturally or in a fight.

Sunrise Point (Jim Corbett National Park sunrise point)

Sunrise Point is the highest peak in the park. From here tourists can have beautiful views of both the Kosi and Ramganga rivers along with the surrounding area of ​​Bhawan Khal village.

Species found in Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park has been a very favorable place for animals to live. Here you get to see many endangered animals along with Asian elephants and alligators. Animals seen in this park include tiger, cheetah, elephant, deer, sambar, padha, barking deer, sloth bear, wild boar, ghural, langur and rhesus monkey. About 600 species of colorful birds live in this park, including peacocks, partridges, pigeons, owls, hornbills, barbites, chakrawaks, myna, magpies, minivets, partridges, birds, tits, knothatches, wagtails, sunbirds, bunting, oriole, kingfisher, Drongos, pigeons, woodpeckers, ducks, teals, vultures, storks, cormorants, falcons, bulbuls and flycatchers are included. Apart from this, travelers can see 51 types of shrubs, 30 types of bamboos and about 110 types of different trees here.

Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Traveling on safari in Jim Corbett National Park can prove to be very memorable for tourists. The wildlife, birds, mammals, fishes, reptiles, vegetation, rivers and forests found here make your safari very special and attractive. In summer the safari timings are from 6:30 am to 9:30 am and evening safari timings are from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. At the same time, the timing of safari in winter is from 7:30 am to 10:30 am and in the evening from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. There are three types of safaris to see flora and fauna in Jim Corbett National Park, namely canter safari, jeep safari and elephant safari. If the tourists coming here want to enjoy their journey to the fullest, then traveling on safari is very important for them. If you want to see the exquisite species of animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, Sambar Deer, Jackal, Himalayan Bear, Elephant, Hog Deer, Sloth, then do not miss the Jungle Safari of Jim Corbett National Park here.


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Before going to Jim Corbett Park, know everything about Jim Corbett Park