Here is Best Places to visit in Hanumangarh in 2024 you must add in your Travel List

Hanumangarh, a historic city located in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, is known for its rich cultural heritage, ancient history, and architectural marvels. Here are some of the must-visit places in Hanumangarh that offer a glimpse into the city's fascinating past and vibrant present.

Bhadrakali Temple: One of the most revered religious sites in Hanumangarh, the Bhadrakali Temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, a fierce form of Goddess Kali. The temple attracts devotees and tourists alike with its intricate architecture and spiritual ambiance. The annual Navaratri festival witnesses grand celebrations at this sacred site.

Bhatner Fort: Also known as Hanumangarh Fort, Bhatner Fort stands as a testament to the city's historical significance. Believed to have been built by Bhupat, a descendant of Lord Rama, the fort has witnessed the rise and fall of several dynasties. Visitors can explore its massive gates, bastions, and the panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Kalibanga Archaeological Site: For history enthusiasts, the Kalibanga Archaeological Site is a must-visit. It is one of the prominent Harappan civilization sites and provides a fascinating insight into the life and culture of people who lived here thousands of years ago. The excavations have unearthed well-planned streets, drainage systems, and artifacts.

Temple of Mata Bhadrakali at Amarpura Thedi: Located about 8 km from Hanumangarh, the Temple of Mata Bhadrakali at Amarpura Thedi is another significant religious site. The temple's serene surroundings and the spiritual aura make it a peaceful retreat for devotees seeking solace and divine blessings.

Brahmani Temple: Dedicated to Goddess Brahmani, this temple is known for its architectural beauty and religious importance. The annual fair held at the Brahmani Temple attracts a large number of devotees, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

Gurudwara Shri Kabutar Sahib: A sacred Sikh pilgrimage site, Gurudwara Shri Kabutar Sahib is associated with the visit of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The gurudwara is known for its peaceful environment and the sacred pond, which is believed to have healing properties. Devotees from different parts of the country visit this site to pay their respects.

Siliserh Lake: While not directly in Hanumangarh, Siliserh Lake is a picturesque destination located around 150 km away. The lake, surrounded by hills and lush greenery, offers a peaceful retreat. Boating facilities are available, allowing visitors to enjoy the serene surroundings.

Gogamedi: Gogamedi, about 30 km from Hanumangarh, is famous for the Gogamedi Fair held in honor of Gogaji, a revered Rajasthani folk deity. The fair witnesses traditional performances, cattle shows, and a vibrant market, making it a unique cultural experience.


Located in northwestern India, Rajasthan is the largest state in the country and is known for its royal history, desert landscapes, and vibrant culture. It has a rich and complex history, with several ancient kingdoms and dynasties having ruled the region over the centuries. The state is home to several important landmarks, including the forts and palaces of Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur. Agriculture is the main source of income, with wheat, barley, and pulses being the major crops. The state is also known for its handicrafts, textiles, and tourism industry.


Hanumangarh is a city and a district located in the northwestern part of Rajasthan, India. It is situated on the banks of the Ghaggar River, which is also known as the Saraswati River. The city is named after the Hindu deity Hanuman and is believed to have been founded by Bhati Rajput King Bhupat in 255 AD. The city has a rich historical and cultural heritage and has been ruled by various dynasties such as the Mauryas, Guptas, Rajputs, and Mughals. Hanumangarh is known for its ancient temples, forts, and monuments. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Hanumangarh are Bhatner Fort, Kalibangan Archaeological Site, Brahmani Temple, and Gogameri Temple.

Bhatner Fort

Bhatner Fort is one of the oldest forts in India and one of the most prestigious forts in Rajasthan. The characteristic of this fort is that mughal king Akbar mentioned this fort in An-e-Akbari. The fort was built by the son of the king of Jaisalmer called Bhupat. The fort is really sturdy and has temples and huge doors and is located on the banks of the River Ghegar.