Planning to Visit Kerala in Monsoon: Read Our Monsoon Travel Guide To Kerala

There is a rainy season and all the people who prefer to take this season of specially enjoyed at home and ignore the excursions and sit in the house are the best to eat and drink but they only have to walk and To enjoy this season it is said to stop and get out .. They believe tourism is also fun in the rain and if the matter is of Kerala then what to say. In the rainy season Kerala is about to roam i.e. enjoying the jannat is like seeing the greener greenery. Just understand that there is a lot of gift of nature's gifts- Kerala and you are on a journey to heaven 

In fact if you have to go on a journey of jannat then the most fun of its beauty can be raised only during the monsoon. Here in such a big way not only from the corner corners of the country but also from the world tourists from all over the world here you can see the number of native-farsi salonians coming here these days. 

The magnificent intricate forests here the vast sea lakes the panoramic mountain peak the Velavati rivers and the rhythm the milk-rich waterfalls and the picturesque seashants all seem charming. There is tremendous greenery around here. Just understand that there is a lot of gift of nature gifts- Kerala That is why it has been called 'God's Country' i.e. 'God's Own Land'. After touring across India the indigenous and foreign tourists coming to Kerala get enthralled by the natural shade of this place.

There are mainly two rainstorms in Kerala. The southwest monsoon which comes in the month of June is called idvapati because it comes in the Malayalam calendar between the months of Edvam.

The north-eastern monsoon arrives between October. This month is called Tumam in the Malayalam calendar hence its name was kept in Tulu which means 'Rain in Tumam'. Rain clouds gather from the Bay of Bengal and reach Kerala faster than the Palakkad area in the Western Ghats. You will be seen by the overwhelming floating messengers of life who travel in the wings of the north-east winds.

If you are planning to travel somewhere in the monsoon season then go to Kerala

Snake boat race 

There is no such rain in Kerala that all the activities of the people should be stopped. There is a few hours of rain and there is also sunlight in between. It is so rare that there is constant rain for some days but the sunlight always comes out. Such golden intervals balance the natural flow of life.

Here is the water sports season in Kerala at its peak between July and September of the year. And from the far away the salani comes here to enjoy the snake boat race in this season. In these races Champakulam Mulam Botres of the Srikrishna temple of the oldest Ambalapujaja Aranmula Botres of two days 35 km away from Hydrojza three days of Jalotsavam Nehru trophy boat race and many more do not know how many races are included. Now the international teams are also coming in these races. Everyone has their own story behind these yacht races the most famous among them is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race which is held every year in the second week of August. The biggest attraction of these races is its boats which are about 30 meters long and have a snake shape. 

Festival of Onam 

In the monsoon season the festival of 10 days is celebrated on the occasion of Onam. During this time very tasty vegative food is served on banana leaves. You can also enjoy this meal by going to a local restaurant. 

Ayurvedic Therapy 

Kerala has more than one spa and wellness centers. In such a situation you can use these wellness centers to forget all your problems and stress. In Ayurveda it is also mentioned that the cold and pleasant weather of monsoon is suitable for the rejuvenation of the body. You can take advantage of spa oil-based therapy yoga and balance diets by booking a booking in these wellness centers so that your body and mind will experience both freshness. 

Wayanad's natural beauty 

Beautiful mountains plantations rainforests and waterfalls in Wayanad of Kerala can win anyone's hearts. Especially during the rainy season the beauty of this place is seen only. At the same time the Tourism Department of Wayanad also hosts the annual Monsoon Carnival in July every year which includes Mud football and archery such as village tour rain trek and local sports.