Most Popular Festivals In Kerala

The festivals are celebrated with great fanfare throughout the country which gives an opportunity to know the culture here but in Kerala the story is different. The colorful festival celebrated by Keralites is an integral element of Kerala's culture. As we know Kerala is the land of many temples whose campus is transformed into a festive field where thousands of people participate with great joy and enthusiasm. Although the festival reminds of the worship of deities and religious beliefs these events are transformed into social programs which are fun and adorable. Getting any festival is not fruitless without the elephant's feet and it makes Kerala's festivals a visual behavior.  

Onam festival

Onam is one of Kerala's most famous and colorful festivals. The houses are decorated with flowers on this festival. It is also known as Thiruvonam. This festival is celebrated by all citizens of Kerala. In this people of every caste class creed and community take part in it.

Thrissur Pooram Festival

This festival is also one of the major festivals of Kerala. Thrissur Pooram Festival is more than 200 years old. This festival is essentially celebrated in the honor of Lord Shiva. Thrissur Pooram Festival is celebrated in the month of April in the famous temple of Varkunaknath in Kerala. 

Kerala boat festival

A lot of people like to travel boat in Kerala but there is something else about the festive festival here. It is known as Boat Festival. The most popular of these are the Nehru Trophy Boat Race Champakulam Original Boat Race Poonnamada Lake Pilipada Jalotsavam on Lake Palsadad. A large number of foreign tourists also come to participate in this.

Vishu Festival

This is also a big festival of Kerala. Vishu festival is also known as Vishnu festival. The Vishnu festival is celebrated in the month of April. During this time many attractive and colorful exhibitions are also organized. Fireworks are a spectacular display on the night of this festival. 

Atukul Pongal Festival

Attukal Pongal Festival is also a celebrated festival of Kerala. Although it is celebrated primarily by women. This festival is also a tradition of celebrating happiness among every religion race and class. In a festival which lasted for 10 days a large variety of dishes are presented to Parvati a variety of dishes. Which include gur rice and banana made dishes mainly.

Teayam festival

There is also a special festival in Kerala. This festival is about 800 years old. Teayam Festival is celebrated in the months from December to April. Around 400 different cultural dances are performed in this festival. The most special thing is that in it the black stars get dressed as gods and dance. These colors dressed in colorful colors flowers and masks look very beautiful. 

Guruvayoor Festival

It is a religious festival that unites all the people associated with diverse backgrounds through a common celebration and festival. It is celebrated in Kublam month of Malayalam. During this festival the unique confluence of procession decorative arches bright lights fireworks can be found. People paint their homes during this festival. Apart from this decorate homes with banana leaves coconut clusters.