Kovalam Tourism

These places are very famous for Kovalam Beach, The Lighthouse Beach and Hawah Beach. People enjoy sun bath, swimming, cruising and the famous Ayurvedic body massage of Kerala. People come from afar to see the unique sight of Sun Sat.

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Kovalam Tourism

Friends, Kovalam is a city built in the state of Kerala in South India, whose history is also very exciting and mythological. The most important thing here is that there are many places of education here and there are very different rules of education here. But in order to make the vision a reality, the Government of India had grown here in the history of education in the 1980s and every kind of language is spoken in South India and at a short distance here, there are markets and tourism gardens and There are small small ridges made of flowers, which publish the ninth edition of South India to the people here, where you live here, there are green fertile land and tomorrow there are tricky rivers and here the study of epic and Ramayan is very decency. People from here do it.

Kovalam is the most shining city in itself and the beauty here is 15 kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram and the beautiful beach here is called the Samudra beach and the wonderful coastline here. Makes it even more ancient and there is a gathering of people here in all the seasons at all times and here it is light vinegar sand at the sea and the light house here is known to the people of Kovalam all over the world and first. People knew its name as "Eve beach" and the other as "Light house beach", people here own market by their art and then people buy handmade items here, you will find a little distance here. Some fishermen"s colony will be seen. Now with the changing times, this Bastia is taking the form of a hotel.

What else is special here

Here you can enjoy activities like surfing sunbathing swimming beach volleyball along with traveling. The water here is not light blue nor aquamarine. Most of the beaches here are made like the air here, this beach fascinates the tourists who come here, the women of Europe here enjoy the sunbathing. You can taste this beautiful dish along the beautiful breeze coast. A little distance from here, after the windy beach, here is the beach of the sea, where it is very interesting to see and the distance of the ocean is also known from this, but some part of it is made of rocks, so here you do not have a bath Can do Here is the artificial off-shore Kerala Reef, where there is a treasure of natural scenes and which is a place to see here. There is a wonderful project here. Which here is the Harbor Engineering Department by the Government of Kerala. And people come here for surfing more.

What is the food treasure here

The most famous here is a German bakery which gives everyone a taste of food and a favorite snack here and that too is a pan cake at a very reasonable price, which people eat with much heart. Here, after eating Creamy Milkshake Coffee Pastry Spicy Pizza, you will say brother, order another one, friends, if you plan to visit here to make your holiday fun.

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