Art And Culture of Kerala

The history of Kerala as beautiful is equally exciting. The art-cultural traditions here are centuries old have long been the center of the art of Kerala and from the point of view of art and culture Kerala is very prosperous ranging from folk art ritual arts and temple art in artforms contributing important cultural life. The role of modern artwork is remarkable. Kerala Ktthkli dance is renowned at home and abroad | Here art can usually be divided into two classes - the first visual arts and second audio arts. Under the visual arts there are paintings ritual arts painting and cinema.

The culture of Kerala region of South India is in fact a special part of Indian culture. Like the Indian subcontinent Kerala's culture also has its own history which is important in itself. Many people and castes have been an important contributor to Kerala's culture. The history of Kerala has been a unique process of cultural and social synthesis. The culture here tells the story of romantic and charm. Kerala has mixed its old traditions and new values ​​with human facts.

Stone and wood carving by the sculptors of Kerala is a fine example of their art. Ideal samples of carvings on the rock in the artillery and Edakkal caves in Wayanad can be seen. These caves represent objects and symbols of human beings along with pictures of human animals. Surely it is still difficult to guess

Kerala is an ideal place for tourism where the person who comes once wants to come here again and again. This is the biggest attraction of the backwaters of Kerala during July to September. The events are associated with the festival of Onam. It can also be called the most beautiful picture of Kerala's culture. The decorated elephant and water parade make it more colorful.  

Tribal dance folk dance classical dance neo-classical dance and modern dance Kerala dance forms can be divided into about five categories.