27 Best Places To Visit in India You must see on Your Next Trip in 2022!!

Best 27 Places To Visit in India: Here You can get information about tourist Places in india and what is famous in India and all ablut India Tourism travel guide..

places to visit in india North East India has always been a center of attraction for tourists. Because it is considered very advanced in the field of tourism. The valleys, waterfalls, ponds and natural beauty present here make the tourists come. Let's know about a few special tourist places of North-East India.

Pelling, Sikkim

Pelling is a famous hill station in Sikkim that one should explore for sure. The most exciting part of travelling to Pelling is the unsurpassed view of Kanchenjunga at dawn when the valley remains silent and seems beautiful. Places to visit in and around Pelling include the local monastery, the Rock Garden and waterfall nearby Rimb.

Cherapunji, Meghalaya

If you want to walk amidst the clouds, then Cherapunji is the best place to visit. It is also one of the wettest places on the earth. This amazing tourist spot has vivacious waterfalls, lush green meadows and amazing weather. Officially known as Sohra, Cherapunji has abundant camera-friendly landscapes which will be not less than a lifetime experience.

Tezpur, Assam


Tezpur is situated on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra river in Assam state. Tezpur was previously known as Shonitpur. Tezpur is a quiet place and many gardens remain here. Tejpurs gardens are very beautiful and tourists like it very much. In addition to these gardens, tourists can also see many Hindu temples and historic buildings here. Many stories and events are associated with these historic buildings.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

The oldest tourist spot in Assam, it is located in the Naogaon district of Assam. In Kaziranga National Park you can see elephants, jagali cat, jackal, deer, sambhar, langur, leopard and various kinds of animals. Other parks can see Manas National Nominated National Park, Orange National Park Tourist.

Haflong, Assam

The only hill station of Assam is located at the height of 680 meters from Haflong Sea floor. It is called the mountain of white ants in the main language of Assam. Haflongs language means the mountain of white ants. The hill of Haflong is also known for 2 lakh different types of flowers, including many orchids such as bluewand, rare species of birds, pine apes, pears, pears and oranges. Haflong is sometimes called the house of blue hills. This quiet and small hill station is full of blue hills, rivers and waterfalls, which tourism has not yet touched.

Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is a very beautiful city. Attractive buildings appear on both sides on the hillside of the hills. The city has a unique confluence of traditional customs and modern lifestyles.

Nathula Pass, Sikkim

Nathu-La Pass is located on the Indo-China border. Its height is 14,200 feet. Sikkim connects China"s Tibet with the self-governing region. This journey is an enjoyable experience in itself. The mist-covered hills, crooked pathways and thundering waterfalls and the path are wonderful. Tourists should have permits to go to this place.

Manas National Park, Assam

The Manas National Park at Guwahati in Assam is among the world heritage. Rare wildlife is found in this sanctuary located at the foothills of the Himalayas. Which includes hepped rabbit, golden langur and Peggy Hogg. People come from afar to see them.

Mokokchung, Nagaland

Mokokchung in Nagaland will introduce you to some unusual and interesting elements that you can't find anywhere else in the country. It's tradition of celebrating Christmas and New Year at midnight in the main town square is regarded as one of the unique features of Mokokchung. People have their own traditional practices that one should explore when travelling here.

Ravangla, Sikkim

Ravangla is a small village located in South District in Sikkim. The village is connected with Peeling and Gangtok. In the winter season, if you come to Ravangla, you will easily see snowfall here. The Teme T Garden and the Ralang Monastery are very famous places here.

Yuksom, Sikkim

Yuksom is a beautiful place located in the West District of Sikkim. Yuksom has also been the first capital of Sikkim. There is a Dubdi monastery which is located at a distance of one hour from Yuksom. Whenever you visit Sikkim, don"t forget to go to Yuksom. This place is not less than the birth of the Earth.

Guwahati, Assam


Assam and Guwahati, the capital of Assam, the largest city and a popular destination in northeast India, are a very beautiful place. It is a major city in the region and is a gana of many educational institutions and commercial undertakings.  In this city along the river Brahmaputra, you will see a unique study of spirituality. The Kamakhya temple in Guwahati is a pras. Besides, there are Navagraha temples, Umananda temples. The tourists can also roam assam ju and botanical gardens. One of the main attractions here is Kaziranga National Park, which is about 4 hours' drive from Guwahati (217 km away)

Jorhat, Assam

Jorhat is also one of the main cities of Assam. Which is famous not only for its natural beauty and cultural significance but also because of its tea gardens. The markets of Jorhat situated on the banks of the Bhogdoi River are very much well-off. There are two markets called Chowhat and Machhat. Most tourists go there to see the magnificent beauty of tea gardens. There are many monasteries associated with Vaishnava Dharma. There are many pilgrimage places like The Vaishnava Dharma, Dakshinpath, Garamur and Kamalbari in Majuli. If you are planning to go to Assam in June, don't forget to find Jorhat as the weather and weather are very beautiful in that month.

Dibrugarh, Assam


Assam's D Birugarh, which is world famous for its profitable flora, culture and which is emerging as the communication and industrial hub of North East India, is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists. In the name of Dibru River, it is the largest city in Assam to see the sun sinking in the evening of the Brahmaputra River in Dibrugarh, Assam. It is known as the "Tea City of India". Visit the tea gardens of the region as it is the largest producer of tea worldwide. In addition, to visit D. Birgarh, the other places like the New Satra, the Iching Satra and Kolii Thanh have become other places. 

Aizawl, Mizoram


Aizawl is the largest and most beautiful capital city in Mizoram, situated on hills at an altitude of about 1132 meters above sea level. Given the hilly charm of Aizawl, it is also known as the 'Home of the Highlanders' and is famous for its natural beauty and cultural rich and tribal and its handicrafts. Aizawl is very popular for tourists to visit. Its beauty touches the hearts of tourists.

Lunglei, Mizoram


Lunglei is one of the main districts of Mizoram. It is the second largest city in the state, which is located at a higher altitude than the capital city of Aizawl. The charming hills are lush green and rich culture attracts tourists immensely. Lunglei - Rock Bridge, Kheonglang Wildlife Sanctuary, Saja Wildlife Sanctuary etc. are the few tourist destinations here.

Dimapur, Nagaland


Dimapur city of Nagaland, which is on the banks of the great river, with the most amazing scenes with wooden rams, very near the river. The city is famous for its commercial centers. It is full of business travelers. Which is the main attraction in Dimapur, Zoological Park, AO Baptist Church, Diezfe Craft Village, Nagaland Science Center, Green Park. The striking display of handicrafts and handloom artistry is different. Because it is the only airport and railway station in Nagaland.

Agartala, Tripura

It is the capital of Tripura. It is a famous tourist destination. Lots of top attractions rest here. It is known for fresh production of rice, jute, tea and oil seeds. The best places to visit in Agartala are Ujjayant Palace, Kunjban Palace and Neramhal. These palaces reflect the simple architecture of the imperial era.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh


Ziro is trained as Apatani Pathan as a world heritage training this place provides a special attractive place in Arunachal Pradesh. The natural beauty is worth watching in this place, the green green plants, etc., are a special place to enjoy this place because this place is a special place for lovers.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


It is 10000 feet high from pisces level and surrounded by a lake here you will find beautiful valleys, mist, rivers, and beautiful waterfalls here the natural beauty is vast and magnificent in itself. In Tawang you will see a combination of history, religion and mythology here you will be able to visit with the partner and your partner will also be happy with your life. will come.

Loktak Lake, Manipur

It is a very large freshwater lake in north-eastern India. The lake has a kind of full bloom that adorns it with four moons. Many castes are also found in the loktak. The folk is even more merit than the floating island. The lake gathers thatch and becomes like an island. The fishermen are made to make a value or a hut to stay on them. When the water rises in the lake, it starts flowing from one side to the other. It is a unique view that. There is a rest house on a small hill between Loktak Lake. The lake around, the breath of cold air, and the greenery, have also been called such a rare scene elsewhere?

Imphal, Manipur

Out of the famous scenic spots in Manipur, imphal, the capital of Manipur, is the most attractive tourist destination that gives four moons in the beautifully of lakes with its green litigants and beautiful natural environment. You can come here and enjoy your visit by visiting tourist places like Sirohi National Park, Sexta Archaeological Living Museum, Kangla Fort, Manipur State Museum, Shri Govinda Mandir, Manipur Zoological Garden, Kaybul Lamjao National Park etc.

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Regarding Cherrapunji in the state of Meghalaya in the north east of India, as we may have read in our childhood, cherrapunji is the most rainy city in the world, not just India. But suddenly the city changed to Masinram. In fact, it is because the distance between Masinaram and Cherrapunji is almost about 15 kilometres, based on the record recorded in the Guinness Book, there was 26,000 millimeters of rain in The Guinness Book in the year 1985, which was a record in itself. Its natural beauty has charmed the minds of the tourists because of the grand view of this process, the land is considered to be a mother, this place is called ' Low Heaven ' the only place in the land to receive rainfall during the year this place will freshen your mind and enjoy it with your partner here and the Haseen litigants between the beautiful mountains.

Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong capital is trained for its natural beauty, also known as "Scotland of the East" because it resembles the Scotish land, the only hill station in India whose variables are This place is a very, You can live the joyful moments of your life openly and the atmosphere here is very favourable.

Roing, Arunachal Pradesh

Rowing is one of the most important tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh, it is located in the Lower Dibang Valley, where the natural beauty attracts tourists, it is a very special place for lovers, there are many lakes and waterfalls, very beautiful and the most beautiful city will make you proud.

Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh

Bomdila is very special in the major tourist destinations of Arunachal Pradesh the top green greenery of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains makes this place even more special. It is located at a height of 8000 feet above sea level. This place is very special for lovers who are fond of photography this place is very special for the lovers of the couple to roam. Bomdila is the best place for you to come here and experience peace this place will make your mind feel.