Located in the beautiful placards of Himachal Pradesh Dharamsala is a very beautiful tourist destination. Whenever there is talk of Dharmsala the house of Durga Range mountain Dalai Lama Tibetan monastery trekking comes only when Dharamshala is done. But do you know that the Kangra Valley situated near Dharamsala is full of a very dedicated history except for natural scenes which includes impressive monuments and fortresses. This beautiful river ruled by the Katoch Dynasty around the city after which the Mughals and then the British occupied this place. The Kangra valley has several impressive monuments fortresses and temples that are constantly built by the rulers who take you back in the past.

Dharamsala is the main tourist destination of Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh. On the one side of the Dharamsala the Dhauladhar mountain ranges are on the other side and the fertile valley and Shivalik ranges are on the other. With the permanent residence of the Dalai Lama and the headquarters of the elected government of Tibet the place has emerged on the world tourism map.

Hospice city can be divided into two parts. One-lower Dharamsala where Kothwali is located and second upper Dharamsala which is known as MacLoganj. Dharamshala is an area covered with pine trees. Here the climate pleasant atmosphere and natural beauty leave a deep impression on tourists. Dhauladar peaks and the beautiful ranges of Chamba which are always covered with snow are clearly visible from Dharamshala. Sunshine snow and rainbow can be seen together at Dharamsala. MacLonganj is also known by the name of Lhasa due to Tibetan settlements. Tibetan artifacts are sold here. There are also many Tibetan restaurants in this market Where traditional Tibetan dishes are eaten. There is a large prayer cycle in McLonggunj. There is also the residence of Tibet's religion teacher Dalai Lama and the headquarters of the exiled government. Guides are also available for those interested in tracking.

Bhagatsunnath is located near Dal Lake. Here is a temple of Lord Shiva. This place is about 11 kilometers away from Dharamsala. St. John's Church is also a visitable place. Located in the middle of the Dharamshala-MacLonganj road this church is made of stones and it has been made in memory of Lord Allian. The church's colorful glass windows covered with lush trees attract tourists' minds. Triand is an attractive picnic spot. You can do this with a dhaladar mountain touching the sky. This place is also the base of Dhauladar mountaineering which is ten kilometers away from Dharamsala. Kunal Pathri Devi Temple located three kilometers away from Kotwali Bazar is built from local stones. There is very artistic painting on the stones here. 

Dal Lake is also a beautiful picnic spot 11 kilometers from Dharamsala. Surrounded by fur trees this lake provides unforgettable enjoyment to nature lovers. A fair is also organized in the month of September every year. Fisheries located 25 kilometers away from Dharamsala is also worth visiting. The special point of this place is that it is famous for its waterfalls and hot water glasses. Kareri is also an intriguing picnic spot. Kariyi lake situated at a height of 3250 meters above sea level and Velvet Charges spread around it provide a unique pleasure. This place is 22 km away from Dharamsala. If you have come to Dharamsala Dharmkot must also go. The tourists stay here. From here the mountain ranges of Dauladhar with Kangra valley are clearly visible. 

The nearest railway station of Dharamsala is Kangra which is 18 kms away from Dharamshala. Dharamsala is connected to the main roads of India. There are direct bus services available from Chandigarh Delhi Dehradun Shimla Manali and Pathankot.