Midnight Market in Delhi... know everything about it and What You Can Buy

The country's capital Delhi is famous all over the country because of its markets. There are many types of markets in Delhi. You must have heard the name of the thief market in the same way many markets seem to have such markets which many people do not know about. The special thing is that the goods in these markets get very cheap prices. Therefore it remains lonely in these markets. The point to pay attention is that these markets do not seem to be too long. In a few hours all the goods are sold here. We take you to a similar market the specialty of this market is that women here sell goods in the middle of the night.

This market is decorating at midnight
We sell all the accessories from the evening to 4 o'clock in the market we are talking about. Here women sit mostly on most shops. The specialty of this market starting from four o'clock in the morning is that 70 to 80 percent of sellers in the thousands of shops are engaged in it. Now you might be wondering in which area of ​​Delhi this market is.

This market is in Raghubir Nagar
This market is in Raghubir Nagar in the western part of Delhi. Here is the market of old clothes. Spread over five acres of land this market is considered to be the market of North India's largest old clothing market. This market starts at four o'clock in the morning and is open till 11 o'clock in the morning. Most shopkeepers of this market belong to the Wagari society of Gujarat who came to Delhi from Gujarat in search of work.

Goods in torchlight
Let us know that more than 5000 shops are found in this market of Raghubir Nagar. Most women sit in these shops. They sell goods they also deal with prices they seem to be in the dark of night so people who buy goods here buy torch or phone accessories. Often people coming to the market themselves bring flashlight themselves. So that they can buy good things.

Where do old clothes come from
Now the question arises that there is such a big market so where does the goods come from for it? The old clothes market is where this old clothes come from. In the day women sell new utensils in exchange for old clothes by ferries in Delhi areas. Those clothes are deposited. After that the process of bringing those garments into the market begins.

Old clothes are sold by improving
The clothes that the women gather in the day by improving those clothes stitching etc. they are washed well and presented in the market. These clothes are available at very low prices. That is why there is a great crowd of people here. Here you will find shoes in 50 to 100 rupees shirt for 10 to 30 rupees pants in 10 to 50 rupees jeans in 20-30 rupees Ladies top in 10-50 rupees and sari in 20-40 rupees.

Shopkeepers gather at midnight This market of Raghubir Nagar opens from 4 o'clock in the morning but the sale of shoppers in this market starts from 12 am. The reason for this is that the sooner it comes the better it will be. All saris book your place through. People from Delhi Jaipur Alwar Faridabad Meerut Mathura Sirsa Hisar Chandigarh Ludhiana Patiala i.e. Rajasthan UP Haryana Punjab and Gujarat besides buying goods from this market come from all the cities and towns.

Big businessmen also come There are also many big businessmen in this market you may be wondering what is the interest of big traders in old clothes they come here and pick up the clothes. Refreshing those clothes again they make them new. Then sell those clothes at a high price. Overall due to this market the house is being burnt in many families. If you have not gone to this market yet come once it is a very interesting place.