Interesting facts about Metro Museum

Metro Museum: We discuses about some amazing facts Timings How To reach and Metro Museum because of science and technology heritage of India are perfectly displayed in the whole complex  which underground tunnel of the Metro. There are various sections in the museum which shows the Modern Technologies abroad and Metro Working Style We sure that when you go there you really amaze to see that...

How did the metro? What Advance Technologies was used to make it? How to make the underground tunnel of the Metro? Such questions would have come to your mind. There are many unsurpassed things in our Delhi Metro Rail equipped with the latest technologies we do not know about. You will find answers to all these questions in the Metro Museum under a roof. Apart from this the concept of 'Delhi Metro' needs to know very closely.

Historical Photos & Special Machines
This museum of the Metro is built at Patel Chowk Metro Station. Passengers at this station can see this museum in the station's corridor. MMRC MD Mangu Singh launches new Metro model on January 17 in the museum. It has a glimpse of the elevated ground and underground sections together. This model has been prepared very closely.The metro museum can see many things like train and station models train operators kit digital maps of existing and future metro systems historical photographs and tunnel-making machines.

Modern Technologies abroad
People have to face problems due to a break in the speed of the streets of Delhi which never stopped. In such a scenario it was very difficult to prepare a Metro Blueprint for Delhi. Keeping this in mind Modern Technologies was brought there from countries such as France Germany Korea Japan to produce Metro. The Metro has completed 10 years in Delhi.What troubles have been made in the construction of the metro how 35 underground stations were built with the help of the tunnel. You will find many such information in the museum. Apart from this the difficulties faced by the Chavdi market the deepest metro station to be created in India will also get you to learn here.

Metro Working Style
Seeing the models control boards and monitors of the CCTV cameras installed in the stations the working style of the Metro is revealed. You can also see the performance control operator of the Metro controlled by the traffic controller from where the movement of the train is revealed. This replica of the museum will know the working of the metro.Museum curator N.D. Khanna said that the craze to know about the Delhi Metro in the public is being seen quite a lot. Whenever people pass through Patel Chowk Metro Station everybody's eye definitely goes to the museum once made. You will also be able to know about the work of all the department of automatic train system automatic fair control system Metro.

What is special in the Delhi Metro Museum
The new model of the Metro in which the elevated ground and underground sections will be seen together. Along with this you will be able to know the mysteries of the Underground Tunnel. If you want to take some special things related to the metro then here is the Suvinnar shop for that. Here you can buy items like Metro pens key chains books. Here you will also find a Metro Toy train.

Where is the Delhi Metro Museum: Patel Chowk Metro Museum
Time Table of the Delhi Metro Museum: 10 am to 11 pm (all day)
Ticket of Delhi Metro Museum: Rs 8 (Those who travel in the Metro do not need to buy tickets separately) Time limit 20 minutes.