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Whether it is a lush forest or a diverse culture, where the Assam marker is different or Assam can be called as a state, there is a state in north-east India which is surrounded by other North Eastern states of other India. And there is a marginal state of India, surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges which form a quadrangular circle, which is connected to Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh in the north and Nagoland and Manipur in the east and Mizoram in the south and Bangladesh in the west, whose culture is south Co-mails of the cultural elements of East Asian countries are formed. As in childhood, the advertisement of tea in Assam can be seen very much, but we can not think about the beauty here and we thought it would be necessary to go to these beautiful goddesses. If you are too fond of experiencing the beauty of nature and going to rush into the natural environment of nature, then once you travel to Assam, definitely do. Must travel to Assam, located in the northeast of India. Assam has become a favorite tourist destination for tourists due to its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The thrilling forest of Assam, the tea plantation, the Brahmaputra river tomorrow and tomorrow attracts the tourists. In the north-east states, Assam is a state with peace, culture and tradition. Today we will tell the life of Assam and what place here is better than the perspective of tourism.

Garo Hill

Garo hill is situated in Assam state of India. There is also a district of the same name here. This hill is named after Tibetan and Burmese origin tribe, and this is mainly inhabited here. The people of Garo tribe are curly hair and believe in the souls rebirth.

Gurudwara Guru teg bahadur

The famous Gurudwara Dhubri village of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur is built on the north-eastern Ghats of Brahmaputra river. The holy Sikh Guru, Guru Teghbahadur, came to this place in 1505 and here he met Srimant Shankardev (founder of Mahapurujia religion) as a Guru.

Kamakhya and Bhubaneswarv Temple

Famous Kamakhya as the Shakti temple is situated on the elevation of Nilanchal mountain. From here the stream of yesterdays river of Brahmaputra looks very sweet. Kamakhya Temple is located 8 kilometers from Guwahati Railway Station. Chandragupta had set up a pillar here.

Kaziranga National Park

The oldest tourist spot in Assam, it is located in the Naogaon district of Assam. In Kaziranga National Park you can see elephants, jagali cat, jackal, deer, sambhar, langur, leopard and various kinds of animals. Other parks can see Manas National Nominated National Park, Orange National Park Tourist.

Manas Sanctuary

Manas Sanctuary is located in Barapota district of Assam (Assam, India). Manas Sanctuary is a Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. Wildlife like elephants, cheetahs, pigmy pigs etc. are also found in Manas Sanctuary. This sanctuary has become a place in the UNESCO ground due to its biodiversity. Manas is the first tiger sanctuary project in the country and it is also considered a home for other wild species. It is also known for its beauty and here all the vegetation is kept well.

Mazuli Island

Majuli Island is connected to the river Brahmaputra. The tourists here say that they feel the natural enjoyment of this island. Here the dance songs and plays of the Vaishnava sect can be seen. Several types of sessions were created here Dakshit Session, Innovative Session, etc. is viewable. Tourists say that they can buy beautiful artwork, baskets and traditional handicrafts. Majuli Island, situated between the Brahmaputra river, is the longest island on any river in the world. There are more than 15 Vaishnava monasteries or sessions in Majuli.

Navagraha Temple

Navagraha means - nine planets. Navagraha Temple is situated on the picturesque hill. Nine Shivaling has been established inside the temple to show nine planets. Every shivaling is covered with different colors. It is believed that the Navagraha Temple was built in the 18th century during the reign of Ahom King Rajeshwar Singh and later his son Rudra Singh or Sukharongfa. In 1897, a large part of the temple was destroyed in the terrible earthquake that struck in this area. However, it was reconstructed later with the help of iron sheets. It is believed that the origin of Gujahatis old name Pragjyotishpur is due to the astronomical and astrological center located in the temple. Silpurkhari pond made in the temple premises is also a major attraction here. This pond is filled throughout the year. This temple is well connected to other parts of the city.


In the state of Assam, Hajo is considered to be a stronghold of the religious places of Buddhism, Hindu and Muslim religions. This place is very sacred and also completely secular.   Here, the place like Haygrev Madhav Dim Ri, Kedareshwar Dim Ri, Dhoparguri Sesa, Joey Durga Dim Ri, Ganesh Dim ri is very idyllish.  You will be surprised to see the temples and statues of Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha and Muslim saints at the same time and in one place.  Every place boasts a unique history. Also, there is Pova maize.  Hajo is famous among tourists worldwide, because outside a temple, the Haygrev Madhav Temple is known as the place where Buddhadev attained Nirvana.


Tezpur is situated on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra river in Assam state. Tezpur was previously known as Shonitpur. Tezpur is a quiet place and many gardens remain here. Tejpurs gardens are very beautiful and tourists like it very much. In addition to these gardens, tourists can also see many Hindu temples and historic buildings here. Many stories and events are associated with these historic buildings.


The only hill station of Assam is located at the height of 680 meters from Haflong Sea floor. It is called the mountain of white ants in the main language of Assam. Haflongs language means the mountain of white ants. The hill of Haflong is also known for 2 lakh different types of flowers, including many orchids such as bluewand, rare species of birds, pine apes, pears, pears and oranges. Haflong is sometimes called the house of blue hills. This quiet and small hill station is full of blue hills, rivers and waterfalls, which tourism has not yet touched.


Located in Assam, Kachch is a unique confluence of mountains, forests and plains. This is a very beautiful tourist spot. Kutch is surrounded by pink hills in north, east and south direction. Its jungle is very beautiful and tourists like it very much. In these jungles, tourists can see the beautiful scenery of wildlife. The headquarters is located in Haflong. Barak river of Kutch is very beautiful. There are small hills on both sides of this river. Tourists can also enjoy exciting trips on these hills. There are also many villages in Kanchak. Walking in these villages is very much like tourists. Tourists can be attracted to the culture of culture here. Bamboo is also found in the verandah. Local residents make beautiful objects from these bamboos. These items are very popular for tourists.


Gowlapara is a green district of Assam. This Brahmaputra is spread over an area of ​​approximately 12,818 square kilometers on either side of the river. 24% of the district of Assam is covered with rich forests. The year is the main year in the trees that grow in the forests. The main crop here is paddy. It is a plain area but there are also many small hills. The height of these hills is 100-500m is. The names of these hills are Panchratna, Sri Surjaya, Turkeshwari and Nalanga. Apart from the hills, tourists can also see many rivers here.


The 200-year-old Sibsagar tank is in the center of this historic city. One of the three temples here is Shivodol Temple, Indias highest Shiva temple.


This place in Tezpur is the most visited place in Assam. From here, there is a panoramic view of the Brahmaputra river and Tezpur.

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