Whenever devotees wander around looking for salvation in a country of holy shrines, they miss the city of religion, Haridwar. The literal meaning of ‘Haridwar’ is, ‘The gate of reaching Hari’. Haridwar, situated on the banks of holy river Ganga in Uttarakhand, is one of the seven most sacred shrines in India. Apart from Haridwar, it includes Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi, Kanchipuram, Ujjain, Dwarka. This place has been attracting tourists and devotees for centuries.

Mythological history
Haridwar is the famous ancient pilgrimage site of followers of Hindu religion, inhabited by the code of Shiwalik hills. After coming out of the hills, Bhagirathi Ganga comes in the plains for the first time. In Hindu scriptures, Haridwar has been called by different names like Kapilasthan, Mayapuri, Gangadwar. The ancient mythological name of Haridwar is ‘Maya’ or ‘Mayapuri’, which was counted in the Seven Mokshadayini Puras. It is said that Chinese traveler Yuvwanwang had described the same word as ‘Peacock’ during his visit to India. This place has been called ‘Gangadwar’ in the Mahabharata. This place is mentioned with the famous tithi of this place. This sacred place is also the gateway to the four dhams. In the northern part of the Ganges, the route goes from this place for ‘Badrinarayan’, ‘Kedarnath’, Lord Vishnu and the famous tirtha of Shiva. That is why it is forbidden by both names ‘Haridwar’ and ‘Hardwar’. There is a belief in the Indian mythology that nectar was obtained from the sea churn in Haridwar. From then on, the Kumbh Mela is being organized in the twelve years. During the Kumbh fair, a huge crowd of devotees rises here. In various religious rituals, devotees of the devotees throughout the year are here to immerse their sins in the holy river Ganges of this city.

Best Place To Visit in Haridwar

Har ki Pauri
One of the most sacred ghats of India, Har Pauri is also known by the name Brahmakunda. It is said that this Ghat Vikramaditya was built in memory of his brother Bhatriharis. Maharaati is organized every evening in the evening, which is a different experience. A temple of Mansa Goddess is built on the top of Balwa Mountain behind everybody’s pauri. The devotees going to Haridwar do not forget to visit this temple. There is a walking distance to the temple.

Chandi Devi Temple
Chandi Devi Temple is built on the Neel Mountain on the other side of river Ganga. It is said that Adishankaracharya had established the original statue of Chandi Devi in ​​the eighth century. Later this temple was built in 1929 by King Suchet Singh of Kashmir. It can be reached after trekking 3 kilometers from Chandighat.

Maya Devi Temple
The Maya Devi temple has been considered one of the main Shaktipeeths of India. It is said that the heart and navel of Shiva’s wife Sati were dropped here. This temple is situated only a short distance from Haridwar.

Saptarishi ashram
From the point of view of the beauty of the Saptrishi Ashram, you can think that in front of it the river Ganga flows in seven streams, hence this place is also called Sapta Sagar. The belief behind this is that when the River Ganga was flowing, then seven Sages were absorbed in deep meditation. Ganga did not disturb his penance and divided himself into seven parts and changed his path.

Bharat Mata Temple
Bharat Mata Mandir Saptar Sarovar is a holy place of its own in Haridwar, located near the ashram. This temple is dedicated to Bharat Mata. In 1983, the then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi inaugurated this temple. This temple has eight floors and it is situated at a height of 180 feet.

Other places are Efficient Mahadev Temple, Gurukul Kangdi University, Chela Wildlife Sanctuary etc. If you want to buy something after roaming in the temples of Haridwar, then the big market and the pearl market is the main. From here you can take things related to many religious rituals. Pooja utensils, brass and bronze utensils, glass bangles, artificial ornaments etc. can be purchased here.

How to reach Haridwar

By Airway: To reach here, the Jolly Grant Airport located in Dehradun is the nearest airport. Haridwar distance from the airport is about 45 km. is. A bus or taxi service can be reached to get there.

By Railway: Haridwar railway station is connected to most part of India. Shatabdi express from Delhi to Dehradun for Haridwar is a suitable train.

By Road: Haridwar You can also reach by road. National Highway 45 goes through Haridwar. To get here, buses of State Transport Corporation provide their services.