Patnitop 108 km away from Jammu is a delightful and scenic place with a height of 6400 feet from the sea. Long long pine and cedar trees are attracting every person who is nature-loving.

Patnitop-Sanasar (Jammu Kashmir). The ice cover lying around the ice sheet falling from the pine and pine trees really impresses the visitors of the new world. Wherever you look just ice looks snow and it looks like people enjoying snow sports who came from different parts of the country. This is the famous and attractive tourist destination of Patnitop where not only summer but winter is also attractive.

Patnitop 108 km away from Jammu is a delightful and scenic place with a height of 6400 feet from the sea. Long long pine and cedar trees are attracting every person who is nature-loving. Throughout the year its snow-covered slopes also have the power to attract visitors.

Jammu Tourism Department is going to organize 'Skiing Festival' in the next few days to give tourists to the tourists who enjoy ice sports in Patnitop. It is an annual skiing festival of its kind in Jammu region in which tourists are taught skiing and as well as tourists also enjoy the enjoyment of ice sports. 

When terrorist incidents in Kashmir forced tourists from India and abroad to turn away from Gulmarg's famous tourist destination the snowy areas of Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh emerged as an alternative to ice sports. Now known as 'Pahalgam' of the Jammu region Patnitop has completely emerged as a tourist destination of new and important ice. 

After the Pahalgam the tourism department's Jammu wing has been a great support in getting Patnitop as a skiing destination. The department's hard work is that today there is a crowd of skiing and paragliding people in Patnitop. For skiing the small and big slopes built on the highest hill in Patnitop along with Patnitop the Nathatap area is also being used. Which is an example of beauty itself. Other slopes are being developed and developed by the Department of Tourism to tackle the crowds coming for skiing. 

Not everyone is able to enjoy the opportunity to enjoy ice sports because skiing is only in the year and half of winter only. It is only two months in Himachal but in Patnitop and Nathtapap it sometimes lasts for 3 months as the snow does not melt. 

It is not that those who are not skiing have to be disappointed by visiting Patnitop but sometimes people enjoy the sliding sledging on the ice. Some people indulge in ice creations other ice games. All this happens only during the half-months of the year because the snow lives in this time and in the summer PatniTop is deprived of these experiences and experiences coming in. 

Those who come in the summer may not be disappointed because in summer Patnitop has its own unique pleasure which is compared to Kashmir. This is because Srinagar city is at a low altitude as it is situated at Patniopt at the height above the sea level. 

An interesting aspect of snow sports in this untimely tourist resort Patnitop which combines Kashmir is that most of the people who enjoy it are those who are looking for a cave of the famous pilgrimage center of Mata Vaishno Devi situated at a distance of about two and a half hours journey from Patnitop. Come on. According to official records 80 percent of tourists coming to Patnitop are pilgrims from Vaishno Devi.

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