This beautiful city of Himachal Pradesh named after the Hindu goddess Shulini Devi Solan is known all over the world. It is always luring millions of tourists every year. It is said about this city that any other kind of patient Once he gets into the pollution-free environment of Solan he gets right. That's why people are going to come here every year.

Here in the month of June every year a fair is organized celebrating the Hindu Goddess Shulini Devi in which there is a 3-day fair in the central plain due to the cultivation of huge mushroom in this area it is called "Mushroom City of India" And Taj was crowned as "City of Red Gold" in reference to the wholesale production of tomatoes in this area.

Well there are many places to roam here but here we find some places which are very special seeing you will be able to see the beauty of Solan and see them. The names of these beautiful places are given below 

Top things to do in Solan

  • Shulini Temple
  • Kuthar Fort
  • Solan brewery
  • Manari monastery
  • Children park
  • Baroda
  • Karol Cave 
  • Sanawar 
  • Buddhist monastery 
  • Chail 
  • Dagshai 
  • Kasauli 
  • Monkey Point 
  • Amravati Hill 
  • Dholangi 
  • Kunihar valley 
  • Mall Road 
  • Mohan National Park 
  • Mohan Shakti Park 
  • Platinum mall
  • Majasthal Sanctuary (Wildlife Sanctuary which is a forested area and there are various types of flora and fauna and endangered cheer pheasants) and go shopping!

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