Famous places where you can have 'bhang lassi' legally!

New Delhi: 'Bhang', also known as marijuana is illegal in India, but there are some government authorised places where you can have it legally. Streets of Varanasi and Jaisalmer serve relishing 'bhang lassi' and if you really want to try it, then go at a government approved bhang-shop.

Famous places where you can have 'bhang lassi' legally!

Publish Date: 2019-01-13 15:33:57

Here's a list of famous 'bhang lassi shops' that are legal: 

Doctor bhang, Jaisalmer:
This 35 years old bhaang shop is located on the streets of Jaisalmer and it serves simply amazing 'bhaang lassi'. You will find 'bhang' in various forms such as chocolates, cookies, sweets, buttermilk and juice as well.

Blue lassi shop, Varanasi:
The Blue lassi shop in Varanasi is another place where you can enjoy bhang lassi legally. They serve 75 varieties of fresh lassi. The 'Special Lassi' in their menu is made from bhang and dry fruits.

Sarkari theka bhang, Mathura:
On your visit to Mathura, don't forget to visit this government authorised bhang shop near the bus stop named 'Sarkari Theka Bhang'. They sell bhang golis and lassi.

Special lassi, Pushkar:
There are many shops located on the streets of Pushkar that serve varieties of bhang to the travellers. They offer amazing 'bhang lassi' in various sizes. Don't miss them!

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