Chandni Chowk

If you are fond of eating, you will love this place. Chandni Chowk and Chavdi Bazar are famous for street food. This market is the center of trade, food and spices. In this compact district you will find interesting people of Delhi and their business. The lane of the paratha situated in Chandni Chowk and the chat of Natraj is quite famous. You can easily reach Chawdi Bazar or Chandni Chowk Metro Station here. This market is closed on Sunday. The Pink Line, when fully operational, would connect Majlis Park and Shiv Vihar. The entire stretch from Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar is 58-kilometre long.

Chandni Chowk

Publish Date: 2018-11-25 23:40:00

Chandni Chowk is a Best Shopping Markets in Delhi,a perfect place to shop in, ancient bazaars situated in Old Delhi. If you want to plan to buy something for the family, children etc it is best suggested market for you here you get experience the diverse culture of India. You may purchase knick-knacks and trinkets from here. Dariba Kalan is known for its pearl, gold and silver adornments and attar (common scents). Gulab Singh Johrimal, built in 1819, are remarkable makers and exporters of attar. But Don't forget to bargain. According to legend, the market was established by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (the one who built the Taj Mahal) in the era of Indian history and designed by his daughter Jahanara in the 17th century. A large 'chowk' or square with a centrally located pool was incorporated in the initial design. This densely populated market has been around for more than three centuries and was once visited by merchants from Turkey, China and even Holland. The place is very unusual and often dirty and can be congested and crowded with shoppers.

There are plenty of food stalls and restaurants for you to try. You can also visit the Jama Masjid (India's biggest mosque) while you are there. Address : Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, 110006. The notable points which you can't forget to visit near the Chandni Chowk:

  • 1. Nai Sarak is famous for books, stationery items and musical instruments,numerous wholesale and retail shops selling college and school textbooks are available here.
  • 2. Cloth Markets is famous for textiles at Fatehpur
  • 3. Dariba Kalan and Kinari Bazaar is famous for jewelry.
  • 4. Dariba Kalan is famous for silver items.
  • 5. Bhagirath Palace is famous for medical equipments and Allopathic medicines, and electrical goods.
  • 6. Chawri Bazaar is famous for paper, stationery items and musical instruments.
  • 7. Ballimaran for shoes and opticians.
  • 8. Kinari Bazaar is famous for zari and zardozi trimmings and tinsel.
  • 9. Flea market (daily at Jama Masjid) is famous for antiques and all kinds of bargains.
  • 10. Old Lajpat Rai Market is famous for electrical goods.
  • 11. Cycle Market is famous for bicycles and photography.
  • 12. Moti Bazar is famous for shawls and pearls.
  • 13. Khari Baoli is famous for pulses, dry fruits, food grains, saffron and spices.
  • 14. Tilak Bazar is famous for chemicals.
  • 15. Chor Bazaar or "Thieves' Market" Located near the Red Fort and Lajpat Rai Market here you can buy anything as a range from electronic items to designer clothes.The Prices are enticingly low but there is no guarantee on any product it is depend on verbal assurances and on your own judgement.
  • 16. Katra Neel is famous for all kinds of fabrics such as satin, silks,cotton,muslin and crepe.
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